Supply Chain Management

Obera sources and delivers a diverse catalog of equipment and material to meet demanding operational needs around the globe.

Our products are

  • Sourced for optimal performance and sustainability in remote or austere locations.
  • Specifically, prepared and documented for shipment to CONUS and OCONUS destinations.
  • Compliant with US and Partner Nation Export and Import Regulations
  • Last Mile delivery, installation, training and maintenance services are available
  • Berry Amendment when required
  • CONUS & OCONUS sourcing partnerships

Obera also specializes in the sourcing, procurement and delivery of

  • Communications Equipment and Accessories
  • Vehicles including Non-Tactical, Tactical, Special Utility and All-Terrain
  • PPE and Tactical Equipment
  • IT Hardware and Software
  • Base Support Materials
  • OEM Spare Parts (from small electronic components up to vehicle stock)
  • Construction Materials and Tools
  • Detection Equipment (Narcotics, CBRNE)
  • Water Production
  • Energy Production (Solar/Wind/Generator)
  • Temporary Lodging, Support and Operations Facilities
  • Identity Management Solutions

Past Performance

  • 4PL Enhanced Services for Government Provided Equipment – Tajikistan
  • AFRICOM Information Technology Equipment – Kenya, Senegal, Ghana, Tanzania
  • SOUTHCOM Information Technology Equipment – Guatemala
  • Ancillary Equipment (TCU & Shurabad) – Tajikistan
  • Counternarcotics Support Equipment – Colombia
  • Department of State Biometrics Support – Mexico
  • Maintenance Center Radio Spare Parts – Tajikistan
  • Unmanned Aircraft Systems – Kenya
  • Counternarcotics Support Equipment – Pakistan
  • Counternarcotics Support Equipment – Ghana, Togo, Benin
  • USAFRICOM Counternarcotics and Law Enforcement Training Support Equipment – Nigeria
  • Verizon Communications Equipment Logistics Services – Central America